Slatine has one of the most beautiful secluded beaches on island Čiovo.

Slatine – COVID-19 free vacation in Croatia

Visit secluded village on island Čiovo;

Slatine – family paradise vacation

Global situation with COVID-19 has disturbed lot of plans but vacation should not be one of them.

Slatine on island Čiovo in Croatia is one of the most suitable places for long wanted vacation for you and your family and friends.

Why? Let me explain you really quick.

Slatine is a small fishermen village on the north side of the island Čiovo with less than 2500 permanent residents. There are no big shops and focal points. Couple small restaurants with open parterre since the Mediterranean climate is pleasant for outside dinning.

What to do in Slatine?

There is one main thing to do in Slatine – enjoy with harmony of untouched nature.

  1. Relaxing on beaches – there is apx. 5 km of costal beaches. Some of them are secluded and some of them have additional features like Aquapark with cafe bars and food section.
  2. Hiking, cycling and exploring around island – there are established roads and routes across island Čiovo suitable for hiking, walking or ridding a bike. Perfect for all active visitors.
  3. Tasting authentic Mediterranean cusine – all restaurants in Slatine serve freshly caught fish by local fishermen which provides you to really taste some of the most prized dishes.
  4. Participation in traditional festivals – every year traditional fishing evening and squid hunting is held where you can activly participating or just watch and enjoy good music and food.
  5. Gospe od Prizidnice – is a small church on south side of the Slatine which is famous for magnificent sunsets.
  6. Day cruise around Čiovo – if you are here with your small group of family or friends, best way to explore island is by boat. Renting a small vessel and organise a day trip is one of the things that s hard to miss.
Slatine Harbour, where you can rent our 110 year Leut (traditional dalmatian vessel) and enjoy cruise around Čiovo and explore hidden bays.

Apartments and houses are the main and only residence you can find in Slatine. There is no noisy hotels or motels, camps or similar. Each and every year same tourists are returning to this small piece of paradise. So don’t waste your time book your vacation and come see for yourself!

Main port in Slatine where al restaurants and social activities are located. Main pier is arrival and departure point for boat line Trogir-Slatine-Split.

Bura Line boat line connects Slatine with city promenade in Split and Trogir.